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 About Company

Mr.Brahm Singh is The Founder Of Zip Healthcare with versatile experience in the Pharmaceutical sector . He is leading Zip Healthcare to newer heights by his innovative working style. He is responsible for the introduction of many novel products/combinations in the market.


To emerge as a leading PCD Franchise pharmaceutical company.A company that meets the needs of people around the world through superior products and services.


Zip Healthcare aims to become a company that stands in the forefront of contributing to progress in medicine and to society as a whole. We will accomplish this goal by building on the foundation of our many years of work in the pharmaceutical industry - in research and development, production, and sales - through which we have developed world-class capabilities.

A company with highly integrated global operations.

We aim to become a company that takes maximum advantage of the integration of its worldwide operations. This will be accomplished through close cooperation among marketing, production, development, research, alliances, and patents. At the same time, we aim to build an operational structure that emphasizes speed and efficiency, based upon the rules and strategies that integrate our entire group.

A multinational company, driven by research and development, which leads the world through its unique strengths.

We aim to become a trusted company that meets the needs of the medical profession as well as individuals who seek to improve their health. We will do this by strengthening our R&D pipeline through our own research and development functions, plus strategic alliances, which will enable us to provide the world with superior products and services.

We aim to become a company that constantly grows in step with its business partners.

We will accomplish this by strengthening our relationships and building trust with all business partners, and local communities, and by contributing to society at large through our business activities.

An energetic company that attracts and retains well-qualified personnel from all over the world.

We aim to become a company that takes maximum advantage of the capabilities of its work force. We will do this by creating a corporate climate that is appealing and encouraging to skilled and ambitious individuals. This will entail preparation of a global personnel program that, first and foremost, fairly evaluates and rewards employees for the results they achieve.